Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Projects

Projects in progress this summer:

Modern Workshop Whirlybird

Road 15 Beach Balls, pattern courtesy of Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Alexandra's birthday cake, made by Alexandra and Sophia. Gluten and sugar free and delicious, none-the-less. 

It's been a whirlwind summer, so far, and there's a little time for sewing, but none for blogging. Here are some of the summer quilts coming out of my machine. The parcheesi quilt is still on the frame, with little progress made. It's hot up there and there's no AC in that room! I'll get back in there when the weather cools down. I bought a fabulous new ironing board. I'd searched for years for a sturdy board that allows me to iron fabric without the taper in the board that slows me down. This is what I got:

I love it, but this sucker is HEAVY and I can't really move it out of the way when I need to get to the window or cupboards behind it. Oh, and when I carried it up to the attic, I had to do so with it over my head like a surfboard, because it's too big and heavy to go under an arm. I forgot how tall I'd gotten, (lol, I'm 5'1") and smacked it into the twirling ceiling fan. It threw me off balance so I fell against my sewing table, and the impact between ironing board and fan made an enormous noise! You won't be surprised to learn that the ceiling fan is no longer balanced, so even after twisting two blades back where they look like they're supposed to be, I can only run it on low speed or it rocks dangerously. Anyone know how to replace the blades of a ceiling fan? I guess that's what's next. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Barcelona Jewel Box

The quilt for Mary is done and delivered! It's probably my best work yet, which is a good sign since it's my most recent completed piece. So delighted to send Mary off to retirement with this token of my appreciation. Mary was always kind to our patients and put their needs first. We will miss her at the Breast Care Center but wish her the very best of times in retirement.

This is the Parcheesi quilt on the frame for quilting. I can't believe how many times I've turned to the striped fabric from Connecting Threads for backing; it's been the absolute perfect fit for two quilts now, and it is discontinued. I think this was something around $3 a yard. It's the last bit I have. Oh no!!