Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wow. So I guess I've been doing a lot more sewing than blogging. That's the way it should be. I've quilted 74 quilts since my last posting. Not all were mine! I've become the charity quilter du jour. There's more there than anyone could quilt. I've also enjoyed play dates with sewing friends and shared the joy of my quilter with most. I'll scare up some pictures and post them soon!

Pardon me, you don't mind if I just park this list right here, do you? These are the quilts that have crossed my long arm quilting machine since the last blog post. I'm going to try to find photos of them to fill in.

QOV Red Friendship, Blue 8 pt stars
No Latitude
Air Show
QOV AS1776.2
QOV Christmas Smelly Quilt
QOV Stars on Little Stars
Gregory's Hockey Quilt
Annabelle's Hockey Quilt
QOV Summer Panel
QOV America Since 1776 Friendship
Guild of 2 Challenge
NHMQG Charity Owls
Dragonfly Dance
QOV Paper Pieced Stars
QOV AS1776 Starry Borders
QOV Carpenter Star Red Star Stripes
Suzanne's Purple Quilt
Ultimate Travel Bag Diving Board
Mystery French General
AZB Kitchen Aid cover
QOV AS1776 Pinwheels
QOV Janice Wetzell Panel Challenge
Dori Embroidery Quilt
Dori Carpenter Star
Bernina BOM
California Desert Star
NHMQG Charity Green Purple
QOV Patriotic Zinnias
QOV Gervais Tidbits
Jane's Ultimate Travel Bag
BOMC Manor House Neutral 2016
Mustard Wynkoop Court
Rene's Triangles
QOV Air Force Carpenter Star
QOV Mariner's Print
QOV Firework's Border
QOV Susan Robinson's Bordered Friendship Stars
QOV Corner Text Panels
QOV Jayne Athey Air Force Carpenter Star
Ellen's Origami Flowers
Sue Graf's Doubly Charmed
Peggy Anne's Dahlia
Peggy Anne's Lanterns
Lesley's Reed
Kaffe Fassett Right on Target