Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Three Bags and a bonus

Laurie and Suzanne, much-loved team members at the Breast Care Center, have recently had urgent surgery and quick recoveries. Both are back at work, but their infirmity was so brief that there wasn't time to make them the usual post-operative care packages that have become tradition. So, though belated, these are their bags:
This one is for Suzanne:

and this one is for Laurie:

This one is for me, since fortunately there were no other major illnesses.

This is a little pencil case made from Kraft-tex, a paper product that is virtually indestructible. I'm looking forward to making more items from Kraft-tex, as it's a textile that intrigues me greatly and is relatively inexpensive. I first purchased 2.5 yards, but since have ordered a few BOLTS and a little more. The new colors will ship in the summer, and I'll spend the interval making some cool office products out of the the natural color bolt I just opened.

Meanwhile, these are the slipcovers for the counter stools at Sugar Hill. I fitted these from purchased covers a very long time ago, when I had no idea what I was doing, and serged them using a 3-thread serger, (what was I thinking?) So, this is how they've looked for many years. Note the complete lack of a slipcover on the chair on the right; that's not because I didn't make enough, it's because it must have failed in such spectacular fashion that it no longer even exists.
So, with the help of Craftsy's Cherie Killilea, I'm going to make nice slip covers out of rustic bleached linen that I got for a steal at 
where the regular price is $7.76 per yard, and I am quite sure I got mine on sale. 
So, without any further procrastination, I'm going to draft a pattern for my chairs and get started on this much-delayed project.