Monday, January 11, 2016

Vedeler Mash-Up (Transformations, Take Me Everywhere Padfolio, and Krafttex Style)

In December, I attended the Once Upon a Quilt retreat in Fort Lauderdale, for the second year in a row. I love this retreat because the proprietor, Lisa, really knows how to organize an event. She hires three well-known quilt artists to teach us a day-long class, each, and walking into the room is like being in grade school again, entering the art room. I love seeing the materials in a kit, and entering to beautiful machines, ready for our use, or tables lain with mysterious items. Each day, we created a different project, and each of them was terrific in its own way. I learned from each teacher quite a bit, and was delighted to incorporate a new spin on this hobby I love so much. A delicious salad lunch is provided, and there's ample opportunity to shop, as well.

My favorite project was Sarah Vedeler's machine embroidery quilting project, the "Take Me Everywhere" padfolio, which speaks to my love for both textile art and office supplies. In this class, the delightful Sarah Vedeler taught how to quilt using the embroidery machine. I didn't understand how one puts a quilt in the hoop, and now I see; you don't! You pin it to stabilizer which you have hooped. Aha!!! The tricky part is re-positioning it each time you need to move to the next place, but with a little practice, and some errors along with my trials, I am now competent at it.

I've been hoarding Kraft tex, a paper product that can be sewn, washed, dried, and incorporated into bags, wallets, and other art projects, and have made a few items I wanted very much to make a folder for the paperwork associated with my finances and bills. I needed three separate full-size pockets, and (it goes without saying,) it must be beautiful.

Combining what I learned in Sarah's class, her new Transformations quilt embroidery designs, and a pattern in the book krafttex Style, I made this folder for my bills and statements:


Open Cover

Well, I'm delighted with it, and I've since embroidered another cover for Kelly, who I discovered admiring my Padfolio. The fabric I used is a Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton (lichen,) with the binding in a Connecting Threads basic (Swirls in Mustard, which appears to be discontinued.)