Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dartmouth Medical School Reunion

We headed out with very mixed feelings. Everybody was exhausted, and Constantine and I had been irritated with one another for whatever reason. The girls always prefer to have no plans, but I'd reserved the hotel and was determined to go through the motions. We needed a happy weekend together. We needed some down time. Other than a few of the meals, I'd committed to nothing.
The weekend exceeded everyone's low expectations by a huge margin. I even got a "thanks for making us go," from Alexandra. Sophia and I experienced vanilla bean cupcakes which inspired haiku. I'll let you see hers on her blog.
CPB and I remain awed by our classmates. We've done fine for ourselves, but these people are pretty amazing. We've missed many, had forgotten others, and were so happy to re-connect with long lost friends.
Tomorrow, Brooks School with Alexandra. I feel as if I'm interviewing too. I guess I am.
So, here:

Life holds endless joy;
That vanilla bean cupcake
Surpassed my high hopes.

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