Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Owners for Mother's Day

My mother's house is now somebody else's. Not 24 hours after the closing, there were roofers spotted starting the replacement process by my dear cycling husband, who sent this photo during his ride. I am deeply grateful that the home my mother so loved will be cared for more diligently than she could manage in her waning years.
I am in a transitional time; with my mom's passing, and the sale of her house, (in a month!) my childhood is officially over. Also, four years prematurely, I am facing an empty nest in the fall as my youngest heads off to St. Paul's School. Ok, she will be only 4 miles down the road, but in every sense, she is growing up and leaving me, this child who stuck by my side so hungrily. I am stunned by the speed at which this toddler with wisdom grew into a responsible young adult, and I do not anticipate an easy good-bye.
My friend Jane cried for weeks after her son went to college. The intensity of her sense of loss surprised her, a level-headed, type A professional. I think it surprised her husband and the daughter who remained at home as well, though they weathered it with the love and indulgence that mothers deserve.
Without intending to, this ends up as a post for Mother's Day. I am taking a moment to reflect about the enormity of a mother's role in every human. Either from being a great mother, a flawed mother, or an absent mother, her influence can not be overestimated.

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WendyBee said...

Sniff...swallow. Blow my nose, take a deep breath....
I didn't realize you were blogging again until you posted the link for this post on FB. I had wondered a couple of times if you might have posted something, and think "Now what was the name of that blog? I ought to look it up and check it out..."
So now I have read my way through the archives, and am reminded that I still need to take a picture of the quilt you made and gave to Evan. Good luck with your stash-busting, and I'll think of you on Mothers' Day.