Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heather Ross...she's baaaaack!

briarrosestrawberrypatch4 Film in the Fridge
Heather Ross is my all-time favorite fabric designer. Her whimsical drawings and happy themes are everything I like about fabric. Well, she has done it again with Briar Rose, her latest collection. Some sort of contractual obligation has kept her production to a mere trickle, except if you wanted REALLY expensive pajamas to cut into fabric. I think she is back, since this fabric is from Windham, not the Japanese company through which the last few lines have a premium. That fabric, though costly, was worth the price, as it was printed on a linen/cotton blend. It was just hard to stash it with the inventory I already hold.

I had some sale stuff and basics in my shopping cart at Hawthorne Threads, and when this line hit the inventory, I knew it would not last long...I pulled the trigger and it added up to 25 yards!!! (15 of Heather and 10 of yummy other stuff. Will photograph when it arrives, which knowing Hawthorne Threads, will not take long. This is especially distressing in light of the fact that I was a mere 5 yards from being net zero on my stash log. I am sensing some pillowcases in my future...

Stash Used: 0 yards
Stash used total: 131 yards
Stash acquired: 25 yards
Stash acquired total: 161.25 yards

Oh, wait, I am making 6 King pillowcases for MJ, and that will account for 8.5 yards, and then there's the messenger bag I'm hoping to finish today; that makes 1 2/3 yards. That will be 10 yards when I'm done. Better get up there!

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