Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mustard and Grey

I'm growing fond of the color mustard. I really hated it when I was little, (opinionated as always,) but it seems that all of my deeply held convictions are softening a little. Is it lack of energy? Anyway, this weekend, I am sorely in need of some restorative crafting, so I have taken advantage of a quiet house to finish this bag, as well as try the adorable pattern for soft baby shoes I discovered on the web. Though baby shoes barely use any fabric, and most of what I used came from the scrap bucket, this bag did allow me to use some inventory. Ma's interfacing is in this one. 

Stash Used: 4.25 yards
Stash Used total: 145.7 yards
Stash Acquired: 0 yards
Stash Acquired Total: 178.75 yards

1 comment:

WendyBee said...

I didn't used to like mustard either. But I find that I am more and more able to see the beauty in all colors.
I love your work (you know that, right?). Hope you are getting some R&R this summer.