Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beach Bags

My mother taught me to buy shoes that I like in many colors. It suggests that you may not be able to get too much of a good thing. In the spirit of "one good thing deserves...MORE," I made more beach bags. Here's one I made with Annie's Soft and Stable, which is perhaps a mistake since the top doesn't pinch in as smoothly as I'd like.

It's always time to sew for charity, and I've dipped into the stash of fabrics I bought specifically for that purpose. These beach bags are sure to be appealing to the charity silent auction set, so I've started two for that purpose. I am waiting for the webbing to arrive, as I'd not stashed any in an appropriate pink. Anyone who knows me well knows that I've seen more pink in a lifetime than anyone needs to, and I really am not a fan of making a whole month, (October,) into Breast Cancer Awareness monotony. Nevertheless, the charities tend to draw a passionate crowd, and the cause is not without its deserving beneficiaries. I deeply wish that so much hype would be spent on ensuring clean drinking water for the entire globe, but I am not the one who gets to decide. Here are my works in progress:

And here is the scaled-down version I've made into my latest purse. It's from the fabric line "Hearty Goid Wishes," which I've found the need to hoard.
Stash Used:  9 yards
Stash Used, total: 257.85 yards
Stash Acquired: 0
Stash Acquired, total: 434.375


WendyBee said...

Congrats on a favorable used:stashed ratio. And for a great cause. But I felt so sure that the title "Beach Bags" meant that you were coming to visit me on the beach this summer. I'm sure Evan would be glad to share his surfboards with you.
Skimming across a
surging wave,
like a leaf on wind.

Ophelia said...

Oh, dear Wendy, you must be careful how you offer your dear Evan's surfboards. I've got two girls who are very excited to learn to surf. I discovered a synthetic wave pool area in Nashua where you can "catch a fake wave," complete with buff young men to hold the board for them until they've got their bearings. In all seriousness, does Evan want to give some lessons? Should I find some wet suits?