Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy 2019!

Oh, my dear friends, what a year 2018 was, and what a year 2019 promises to be!

Some things will never change; I love to make quilts, and sewing is my best therapy. I needed a lot of therapy last year, and as you can tell, sewing isn't blogging, and blogging isn't sewing. I didn't blog because I was very busy making stuff. I hope to make a journal of the quilts of 2018, but that will have to wait because, wait for it...

I'm moving. If you've seen my stash and my sewing space, you probably felt a little bit of that weight when you read that sentence. The good news? I'm going to a place with even more space for my business, and Top Secret Quilting will probably no longer be much of a secret because it is going to earn its keep! Here's a sneak peek of the late autumn view from the sun porch, which will no doubt house a sewing machine:

The stash? Well, for someone who feels smug when putting food on a plate and sitting down to eat it, as opposed to hovering over the sink with a forkful, I don't really need a dining room. What DO I need? I need a stash/cutting room. This photo is what grown-ups do with their dining room. It is not what I plan to do, so take a good look. It'll never look this tidy and awesome again!

 Speaking of grown-ups, what do you think of this lovely living room for people who sit and chat? Well, when you come over for a play date, you know we only sit in task chairs and only when in front of a sewing machine. So the long arm quilting machine is going to find its home pretty much where that inviting loveseat is.

 Don't worry, though, there's a nice family room where I might be able to keep some relaxed seating. We don't want the Feds raiding the house because the neighbors suspect I've turned it into a sweat shop. That is, when they're back on the job. Don't get me started.

Let me add here that the blessings with which I've been bestowed are many and great. Every day is one of great privilege and astounding good fortune. I am making this change so that I can return to feeling grateful for this terrific life every day. I long for my loved ones to feel, deep in their beings, the incomprehensible beauty of the lives we lead, and to embrace uncertainties and losses as reminders of the amplitude of the curve of our joys and sorrows.

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