Monday, September 24, 2012

Lolita Skirts!!

I went Lolita crazy this weekend!

I have this pattern, recommended by Peggy Anne Klinker, of Peggy Anne's, and I'd made an adorable skirt many months ago. Sophia needed new clothes, since suddenly hers didn't fit her. She was not happy about the new brace for scoliosis that gives her "Barbie hips." I don't know about you, but last time I checked, Barbie's hips looked pretty good, but you get the point. It didn't help matters that my clothes fit her. She wants her own clothes, not her mother's clothes. Now, mind you, her mom has clothes like this:
The original Lolita, meant to be worn with cowboy boots.
which begs the question, "what's wrong with wearing your mother's clothes?" But of course, she has her own taste and who wouldn't rather make her own combinations? Which she did...
Lolita 2: Sophie's summer choices

Lolita 3, my personal favorite

Lolita 4, How 'bout them ruffles? Thanks, Peggy, for getting me hooked on the ruffler attachment!

Lolita 5; this one is mine. Sophia wants nothing to do with this one. Shouldn't the seamstress also get another Lolita?
So, it's cowboy boot weather here in NH, and I'm going to be showing off my knobby, scarred knees, (sorry 'bout that,) until it's time to put on the leggings. That'll be when the snow sticks.

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