Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stash Project Begins...Inspiration!!

I washed and dried some of the knits I just bought, which got me in the mood to sew with some knits I already had. I was wearing very comfortable pajama pants...hmmm, they fit so well, and had the newer low waistband that my old patterns don't. Ma's old patterns have waists that go up to about my nipples. Not cool, not hip. So I stripped those babies off, threw them on the floor, and laid some Do-sew on them. That's the poly pattern making stuff I got probably when I was a teenager for tracing the old Stretch and Sew Patterns, (think waistbands at nipple height.)

Here's the miraculous, liberating thing: I traced the pieces and made a pattern, then gathered my fortitude and cut them out of some of my least favorite knit fabric, which I had thought about donating since I wasn't inspired by it. Serged up the seams lickety split, and those pants fit me perfectly! I'm feeling pretty smug about now. I used up the rest of that buffalo black plaid on pj or workout shorts which don't have elastic; just the knit fabric folded in a wide waistband.  I'm making two pairs of giraffe knit pj pants, one a little longer for Alexandra, and one for me or Sophia, who by the way is now 2 inches taller than I am and 1 inch taller than her big sister. I guess the longer ones are for her, yes?

So much success inspired me to trace a pattern from the skirt I bought in Boulder, where I was thinking cowgirl thoughts, (as if that's even remotely possible!) That baby has 6 panels, a waistband, and a waistband yoke. So I did it. I'll try that pattern after finishing up those giraffe pjs.

Stash used: 4.5 yards
Stash used total: 4.5 yards
Stash acquired: 0 yards
Stash acquired total: 0 yards

Whenever I go shopping, I always make a point of telling Constantine, "You should see the stuff I DIDN'T buy!!" Well, you should see the fabric I didn't buy.

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