Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Like One Drink for an Alcoholic

"Hi, my name is Ophelia, and I'm a fabricoholic."
"Hi, Ophelia."

It's been twelve hours since my last purchase. It all started with a sale at Connecting Threads, where I've had some almost solid background fabrics in my wishlist, waiting for just the right sale. Well, that was 14 yards, but that and two spools of quilting threads were only $50; the fabric averaged $2.93 per yard. Then, the Architexture fabrics came in at Hawthorne Threads, my favorite website for funky modern prints. But they didn't have some of the best prints, which were at Fabricworm, though more expensive. I bought 7.5 yards at Hawthorne and 5 at Fabricworm. This is bad. Total 26.5 yards acquired.

I've been sewing as fast as I can, but I just can't use it as fast as I can buy it. Well, Merry Christmas. I'm going to make some more quilts...fast!!

Stash used: 0 yards
Stash used total: 45 5/8 yards
Stash acquired: 26.5 yards
Stash acquired total: 95.25 yards

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