Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Digs

The movers came, and my sewing room is transformed. I finally got the furniture out that needed to go out, and in that needed to come in. My piles of fabric are starting to fit into some bookshelves, though it's clear that there's still more fabric than shelf space. I reduced the size of my cutting table since usually the second half held accumulated half-finished projects. My air conditioner will no longer blow directly onto me, necessitating constant adjustment for my comfort. Most importantly, I'm almost finished handling the stuff in Ma's sewing room and converting it to mine or donating to charities. Admittedly, there are 8 boxes of her stuff in the shower, so those who tend toward name-calling might think "hoarder," but at least I can move in the sewing rooms to arrange stuff.

I'm working on looking at the space objectively and putting away seldom-used things; much can be thrown away without ill effect, but deciding on an item-by-item basis requires concentration and thought, both of which I have been reserving for actual sewing. I suppose I could hide baskets of stuff in the bathroom, but I am aware of how that sounds to the non-sewist public, so I'm not succumbing...yet. Still, check out how it looks during snapshots of time...

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