Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh, Kelly

I love Kelly more than most humans in the whole world. Lately, the world has conspired to make her life the most trying. She never forgets her blessings, never complains, and loves with reckless abandon. She does what needs to be done without hesitation, and takes the flack for all the hard decisions. She needed the recent fall down the stairs and broken arm like she needed a hole in the head. This bag is for her. I had intended to use the beautiful lacy print at the selvedge for a little decorative rim around the top of the lining, but I sewed the pockets on upside down, and didn't want to weaken the fabric by ripping them out and flipping them, so the pretty little trim is at the bottom of the bag. I hope she laughs when she sees it. Though there may be precious little to laugh about, we are trying.

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