Friday, October 25, 2013


In the last 2 days, I've ordered 41+ yards of fabric from Hawthorne Threads. It all started with "Lindsay's Picks," which hit me in a happy, autumn, creative sort of way.

Dew in Kiki
Kulla in Slate
Autumn Stripe in Cream
Line Leaf in Grey
Painted Patchwork in Earth
Gregg in Orange
Fiddle Heads in Pine
Tapestry in Glow
Twiggy in Brown
Keiko in Keiko
Rings in Cream
Acornucopia in Forest

I don't like all of these fabrics, but when I got into that Dear Stella grouping, I started hitting the "add to cart" button with reckless abandon. Some of these aren't even available yet, so I was relatively safe there. And then, I found that there are some new, (or new to me,) colors in the Ta Dots collection.
Add to cart: oranges, sorbets, pinks.

Ta Dot in CandyTa Dot in CoralTa Dot in SorbetTa Dot in TangerineSpa Dot in Coral

How did Timeless Treasures know that adding a whole collection of greys and butter yellows would speak to me, and then what were they saying when they named it after me? I ordered 17 yards of "Ophelia" prints. Just wait until you see them! Oh, here they are...

Ophelia Leaves in Steel
Ophelia Texture in Cement
Ophelia Dot in Vanilla
Ophelia Scroll in Honey
Ophelia Floral in Grey
Ophelia Scroll in Stone
Ophelia Scroll in Oyster
Ophelia Dot in Butter
Ophelia Border Stripe in Grey
Ophelia Dot in Pewter
Ophelia Leaves in Calm
There wasn't even one of these I thought I should live without.

And this Saturday is our Breast Care Center Gala, also known as "The Prom." I have to speak again this year. I donated that pillow I made to the auction, but now I'm going to make a quilt for next year's Gala. It's going to be, yes, gag, pink. But I found good fabric.
I'll put together a quick quilt that says, NOT "think pink," which I'm not even sure what that means, but "Fight like a girl," which I find more palatable. It'll have a great lacy bra appliqued on it like in the pattern but it'll be a little less "Bra" rich. Here's the original pattern:

Stash Used: 0
Stash Used, total: 152.7 yards
Stash Acquired: 41.625. Seriously.
Stash Acquired, total: 269.875. No joke.

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