Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilts of Valor

A recent news story about Quilts of Valor has made the demand for these charity quilts balloon out of usual proportions, and a plea went out from the administrators to get to work! So, I took these two quilts, which were completed, almost, and sitting in my sewing room, and finished the last few onerous tasks in order to get these quilts ready to award to recipients. 

The patterns for these quilts were generously given by Nancy Miller to her yahoo group, MysteryQuilts4Military. If you are interested in free fun quilt patterns, dripped to you in weekly clues, check out the group. It is a community of quilters with generous spirit, and if that describes you, you will fit right in!
These were "Knoll" and "Star Path,", mysteries number 27 and 28. Since they were cut out well before the stash blog was begun, I get no "stash-busting credit" for their completion. 

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