Saturday, November 16, 2013

True Colors and Downton Abbey

They are going to keep making great fabric, so I am not sure why I need to hoard it when it's just out. Usually, I try to wait until it goes on sale, but lately, I'm affected more by the shadow of regret for not being able to acquire it rather than the the regret of seeing what I've purchased at full price go on sale. Since I get a frequent flyer discount at Hawthorne Threads, it's never at the full, $10 or $11 per yard that it normally sells for; I'm getting it at $8.50 or so, which spurs me further. I saw a FQ bundle of the Downton Abbey fabric collection on an unknown (to me) website, and realized that I didn't really know what to do with a lot of those colors, i.e. the whole "Edith" color story. So I went to HT and purchased a bunch of half and whole yards of the good ones. 
The Dowagers Damask in AmethystThe Dowagers Paisley in EbonyThe Downton Flourish in EbonyMarys Plume in RougeMarys Plume in SapphireThe Downton Tuft in AmethystMarys Berry in DoveMarys Berry in Rouge

Joel Dewberry does a great damask and a great wood grain, and his contributions to this collaboration, "True Colors," is not to be missed. I suspect a lot of that will end up overstocked, since it's not particularly inventive, and since the design is recycled, but the colors are terrific and I picked up a few yards of his pieces. Since the damask looks like pajama pants to me, I got 1.5 yard bits; Sophia's legs are getting so long, I wonder if that will be enough! I might have to mix and match for waistbands. Not a big deal since we never tuck in our tops and it will be a little secret, what terrific fabric lurks under our untucked tops.

Damask in TurquoiseWood Grain in TealDamask in RedDamask in VioletWood Grain in VioletScrollwork in Deep PinkWood Grain in GrayWood Grain in Straw

As for stash used, I am cutting into 18 FQs for a QOV with blues and reds. It's not a lot, but it's not nothing!

Stash Used: 4.5
Stash Used, total: 177.4 yards
Stash Acquired: 19. yes.
Stash Acquired, total: 297.25

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