Sunday, November 10, 2013

Barcelona Jewel Box and Anabelle!

Great news on the project progress front! I finally finished quilting this McKenna Ryan quilt, and this is no small milestone. That baby has been on my quilt frame since February. Shame on me. Well, this tendonitis in my right elbow has me trying to keep my rotary cutting to a reasonable daily allowance, as every time I do some more rotary cutting, it flares badly. What better reason to get some quilting done?  I had a bobbin tension problem that made me rip out a lot of stitches and then...walked away for a long time. I just bought two packs of nice thread from Connected Threads, and wanted to see how it works on the long-arm. Like a charm!! 

These disjointed and incomplete blocks are the work in progress, Barcelona Jewel Box. I started cutting this last weekend in Sugar Hill. It was inspired by a charm pack/solid combination that I ordered from Pink Chalk, and the pattern came from one of the e-magazines, Fat Quarterly. I think it might have been the very first issue. I've since ordered many more issues and thoroughly enjoyed them. A lot of geometry went into these, since I will do almost anything to avoid a lot of half square triangles. I did the smaller "square in squares" by attaching two flying geese, but the larger ones were unavoidable since I was working with charm squares, not yardage. I must keep my eye out for patterns that make good use of charm squares. I love this quilt! 

Mary Jane's first grandchild has arrived! Annabelle was born on October 26, 2013 to Kerri and Adam Burgess. She is a beautiful beloved baby, and needs a quilt, for sure. This one is from the Town Square pattern I worked so hard to simplify. Something about buying a pattern that doesn't make the cutting and piecing as easy as possible makes me feel a little cheated. Not that I don't get a little smug satisfaction from re-writing the patterns, just that for $9 or $10, one ought to get cleverness, no? Especially when there are so many great free patterns out there now. 
OK, now the stash log. It isn't pretty. I bought a lot of white solid at the weekend sale up in Littleton, at One Stitch, Two Stitch. Other stuff has come through the door, that may not have been counted. :)

Stash Used: 7.5 Barcelona Jewel Box, 1.7 Annabelle's Town Square
Stash Used, total: 161.9 yards
Stash Acquired: 20 or so yards solids from Littleton
Stash Acquired, total: 248.25

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