Monday, May 19, 2014

Proud Mom

I admit this is not a good photo, but it's all I have, and it took a lot of coaxing to get Sophia to send me a "selfie" after her lacrosse game. I know she would be extremely displeased with me if I were to post it on FB, but I just have to brag about her, and since almost nobody looks here, :) and certainly she doesn't, (shhhhh!) I'll put it here. This girl of mine hates for the final score to be a tie. She'd actually rather lose than tie, go figure. So when her lacrosse game entered its final minute with a 10-10 score, I was dreading the mood she'd be in after the game, especially since her team had been winning by a handy margin in the first half. She told her coach, "put me in, Coach, I'm feeling it!" 
With 37 seconds left in the game, she manages to come up with the ball, and she leaps in the air to fling it into the goal over the opposing goalie's head. Her first goal of the season, (there's only one game left,) and she manages this feat! Needless, to say, her teammates went wild, the stands went wild, and her parents went wild. Later, the coaches told me they shed some tears of pride as well.

Yea Sophie!!!

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