Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilted Gifts

This quilt is #82 Falling Leaves and Flying Geese, and it is dedicated and gifted to the Christiansen family of Northfield Mount Hermon, who so generously shared their love and time with Lexi during her sophomore and junior years. They are moving to Cincinnati, where Brynner and Arryn will grow up closer to their grandparents. I hope the fall colors remind them of the beautiful New England autumns that they are leaving behind.

This quilt is #69, Tulane Picture Frames, and it is gifted to Heather Leeds, special ed teacher, who has patiently helped Lexi with her schoolwork. Education is a challenging field, and I have great respect for those who make it their passion. Lexi has been so thankful for her time with Heather.


WendyBee said...

So very beautiful. I am so grateful that you share your quilt pictures, so I have pretty quilts to look at. I am in awe.

WendyBee said...

Oops! I left out what I came here to say. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, and the sweet e-mail. I will update you soon. I am focusing on the reasons for hope.
I'm glad the submission criteria is "Please prove you're not a robot", and not: "Please prove you're not an idiot", as I once read it when I should have been using my stupid bifocals.