Saturday, October 6, 2012

Electronics Junkie

I am hopelessly dependent on electronics. I also love to make great soft cases for my electronics and everybody else's, too. Here are some of the iPad and laptop cases I've made:

 Oh! and if you could only see the linings. Always sew things that make you happy.

 Mostly, I've used the pattern from the book, "One Yard Wonders," which allows you to custom fit to any device. I once made 12 iPad covers all at once because I got, well, carried away. They all found homes with my friends and relatives.
If you don't have that book, and you have a fabric stash that looks like this:

times about 10 or maybe even 20, then this book is a very small start at using up that stash.
All of this fabric sort of showed up in my sewing room over the last few years since I started quilting, but guess what? Even a big quilt does not require very much fabric.
iPad cases use even less.

It's a good thing that fabric makes me feel good. I love to look at it,
touch it,
wash it,
iron it,
fold it,
unfold it,
sort it,
cut it,
sew it,
photograph it. And it goes without saying, buy it.
My favorite place to buy fabric is Hawthorne Threads, but one can't achieve this level of obsession without Hancocks of Paducah, Fabricworm, and lately, Connecting Threads.
I have added knits to my collection lately, as previously I really couldn't find knits worthy of my time and effort. Go to Fabric Fairy and Girl Charlee for those terrific knits that make you feel like doing that again. (I learned to sew with knits originally. My mother worked at a place called Stretch and Sew in Hartsdale, NY, where she collected most of her stash. It was mostly polyester double knits. 'nuff said. One day, I'll do an homage to Maboo with funky pencil skirts in PolyDK and show you all what retro means to me.)

Locally, I love Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. That's where my people are. I believe in supporting my local quilt shop, but I also believe in shopping in my pajamas. The internet is good, even if I didn't invent it.

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