Monday, October 15, 2012


It's Halloween season! I have always loved making the costumes, but I thought this year the girls might be too old to want them. Alexandra outgrew this a few years ago, alas, but this year, being on her strict budget, she asked me to make her a tutu for her Nicki Minaj costume. Yea!! I get to buy tulle!! We spent a few hours in Joann's having a really good time...the Halloween decorations are 60% off, which is still more than most are worth, but we found some cute stuff. Oh! and you should see what I didn't buy!

Here's the count:
Stash used: 5 yards
Stash used total: 9.5 yards
Stash acquired: 7.5 yards
Stash acquired total: 7.5 yards

This is not the whole costume, don't fret. The devil horns are just for her to wear to classes for this month. She got an outrageous pink wig with bangs. It's horrible and very Nicki Minaj, if google photos are to be trusted. I will try to get pictures but she won't be anywhere near home on Halloween, so I'm at her mercy in that way.

I bought some microfleece and knit for pajama pants. The giraffes were a hit, though the rise was STILL too long based on where they like the waistband to sit. They told me the term for the bump that shows below the waistband is called a camel toe. OK. I'll shorten the pattern by exactly one camel toe. Now where did I put that camel?

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