Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Finished Projects

 Fresh Squeezed, #2, 6/21/08
This was the second quilt I finished. I used Sandy Gervais' Fresh Squeezed fabrics, which were in large part responsible for my re-entry into the fabric world. Great designers like Gervais, Tula Pink and Heather Ross brought me back to sewing. Who could resist when there were such artful, creative and beautiful fabrics available? The pattern was Pathways Batik, which I modified a little to accommodate the fabric I had stashed. I love this quilt to this day. For a long time, it protected my mother's grand piano from danger, a worthy cause.

 Posh Twin Big Flower, #51, 7/20/2011
If you've  ever used the Posh Tot pattern, you know that this quilt goes together lickity split! The thing that took me the longest on this quilt was doing the math to convert it to a twin, and figuring out yardage of a giant print. The inspiration for this fabric combination came from Peggy Anne...she inspires much of what I do!

Undercover in Chicago, #57, 10/5/11
This was a Debbie Caffrey Mystery Quilt, begun in a class at Quilted Threads. I used the Sweetwater fabrics from their first line, (I think,) Authentic. I still have a lot of stash of this, because I loved it so much. I'm not sorry! Looking that up, I discovered that Sweetwater also created the "Lucy's Crab Shack" line of fabrics, too, which I've hoarded a bit. I love that line. It speaks to me. In fact, I made a bag for Valerie from it, after she told me how meticulously Nick hung their laundry, one piece at a time, in and out of the house, while vacationing together. Here it is:

 So, now that I've opened the subject of bags, want to see some more?
I thought so, and thanks for asking!

Also for Valerie, Gallery Fiore Bag, using Peggy Anne's pattern and oh! I love that Soft and Stable batting from ByAnnie. It makes the best stable bags I've ever done. I'm planning on re-making some of my old favorites with it because the difference is THAT significant. It's expensive, and the shipping is outrageous, but I'm going to try to convince my local quilt shop to stock it; I'm thinking a whole roll, (15 yards,) would be so crazy that my loved ones would be justified in looking into some sort of institutionalization for me. Unless someone wants to share a roll with me?
These were for Mary, who is so good at being green, I think of her as the best combination of Yankee frugality and environmentalist. She has a heart of gold, and I absolutely adore her. I made these shopping totes from Alexander Henry's Natura, (I think) collection. If you can't tell, it has brightly colored peas in green beans. I love this fabric so much that I had to hoard some more after using some for these bags. I know, I know, but it's cheaper than therapy.

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